I’m a Real Estate agent. Now what? Day 2

I’m hoping I can keep this up every day, instead of playing Rummikub. Don’t get me wrong. I love playing Rummikub, but it’s such a waste of time . . . when I could be productive. They say if you do something for 30 days you have created a habit.

Again, I doubt anyone will actually read this, it’s just a place for me to keep my thoughts and actions that I can look back over to make sure I’m doing everything in the right order and use the lessons I’ve learned, from anywhere, without using space on my computers hard drive.

Today I’m taking my daughter to the train station in LA so she can head back to college, UC Santa Barbara. We had a great visit, although I’m concerned that she spent most of her time at home with me in front of the TV…

Things I want to accomplish to get caught up to date is to go back over all the classes I’ve taken since licensing and see what I can use out of it. Also, step by step what exactly I do for a home sale.

The difference between a client and a customer is a client you work with long-term (example beginning to end regarding home sales) and a customer is short-term as in a store or restaurant.

My first client is my friend, Angie. I can only say “thank you, God” when she came to me and asked me to represent her in finding a home. She’s patient and understanding that this is my first deal. I am able to vent when I get stuck and I’m able to keep her updated on everything that is happening. I also see her on a weekly basis (we sing together in Sweet Adelines on Tuesday nights) so I can get her signature on papers.

The first thing I told Angie (as I would with ANY client) is to get a PRE-APPROVAL. This involves contacting a lender at which point they review all your financial means and work out an amount that you can afford (not necessarily comfortably) for purchasing a home. She chose to use a lender who was familiar with government jobs. Angie works in Temecula for the county in the assessors office that does commercial and residential land evaluation.

I guess working for the government involves strange paydays and income and this woman/company

has done this in the past for coworkers of Angie’s so she felt comfortable going this way. Here is the information on them and what she requested from Angie that will enable them to give her an informed idea as to the amount she can spend on a home.

Raquel Rivera
Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer
A Direct Lender
32605 Temecula Parkway STE 102
Temecula, Ca. 92563
Cell: 951-219-0170
Fax: 909-658-7516 
  Fax or email required Pre-qual Documents:
  2 recent pay stubs
  W2’s for 2009 and 2010
  2009 and 2010 Complete Federal Tax Returns, all pages, all schedules
  Copy of All Bank Account/Asset Statements for 2 months/Please include last blank page
  Copy of your CADL and SSC (Card must be signed.)
*VA, FHA, HomePath, 203K Streamline Rehab, Conventional, Manufactured, Access, CHDAP and RIV CO NSHP/NSP/RHP/FTHB Loans!*

The company we’re asked to offer at Rancho Belago Realty is First Family Funding with Josh Jarrard, Senior Loan Officer. The reason we “recommend” him/them is because we have a “quid pro quo” with them. While we suggest them, they, in turn will recommend us should anyone contact them regarding a home loan, but don’t have a realtor in mind.

Here is the contact information for Josh:
First Family Funding
An affiliate of Prospect Mortgage, LLC
Josh Jarrard
Senior Loan Officer
Cell: 661-210-6822 (this is the number he wants us to use and to forward to any potential clients.
Direct: 818-385-2327
Fax: 877-606-3431
15301 Ventura Blvd.
Building D, Ste. D 300
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
So, I’ve explained the Pre-approval and listed a couple of lenders to contact. There are many lenders and you are encouraged to check/ask around and use someone you’re comfortable with.
Now, I will leave for now . . . on our way to Union Station in Los Angeles. More later (part 2 day 2).

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